Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit quicker than receiving holiday cards from friends and family near and far. I just absolutely love them! Last year, I taped all of our cards to the refrigerator (since we didn't have enough magnets) and it ended up looking pretty cluttered. So this year, I wanted to hang them someplace I could enjoy them throughout the whole season.

James and I saw a "Merry Mail" sign made by a craft artist at a local antique shop and I almost purchased it... until I saw the $85 price tag. As usual, my husband did his typical "we could make this" look, so we put it back and headed straight to The Home Depot. 

We stained a piece of wood and I used a white and gold paint marker to create the letters. I found some gold ribbon and we stapled them to the back of the wood. I used mini clothes pins from Hobby Lobby and used them to secure the cards, and hung the sign from a wreath door hanger. It was super easy and it's been a perfect place to display everyone's cute cards!