Tuesday, November 10, 2015

jurassic park halloween

In an effort to keep busy this week, I wanted to share some pictures from our Halloween. This year's theme: Jurassic Park. How many more years until Joe refuses family-themed costumes?

Props to James for building this legit electric fence out of PVC pipe and wire rope... AND somehow getting it to hang around Joe's wagon. And, well, let's just say I did a little extra laminating at work. :)

Dinosaur costume

Dinosaur family costume

Electric Fence

Jurassic Park Halloween

High Voltage Sign

Dinosaur Wagon

Jurassic Park T-Rex

DIY Electric Fence


  1. You inspired me. My son is a T-Rex this year and I always like to go a little all out, and I found your pictures on Pinterest. I just built the paddock for my son, as well. I'm curious, how DID you get the paddock on the wagon? Right now, I have 2 ropes on each side of the wagon holding up the base of the paddock. I'd love to share pictures with you. My name is Shannon and my email is shantimmer@gmail.com

    1. Hi there Shannon! Glad you liked the idea! We tied a rope that basically made a "T" over the top of the wagon, kind of like a present. One rope went from the front wagon handle around to the back of the wagon, and the other across the center of the wagon. We used a lot of knots and maneuvering to keep it up, but the black garbage bag hid all of that pretty well. Good luck! Would love to see pictures - you can email me at citytosouthblog@gmail.com. :)

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