Friday, November 10, 2017


I went to dinner with a friend the other night and we got to talking about what brought us to the Nashville area. My friend's story was the same story I've heard over and over again. It sounded just like mine.

It’s estimated that 100 people move to Nashville per day and that number continues to rise. And there's a reason people are flocking here. This city is everything you could ever want in a home. Its got that small-town sense of community, but offers all the big city perks you could ever need. Its neighborhoods and communities are charming, its hiking paths and parks are beautiful, its restaurants are award-winning and the people here are, well let's just say they're my kind of people.

I've always said that meeting a native Nashvillian is like finding a unicorn. Honestly, I think I can count the number of natives I’ve met over the past 5 years on one hand. And I think that’s why I’ve always felt such a sense of belonging here. Nashville is a city of transplants and we all share that common bond. James and I moved down here not knowing a soul, and the people of Nashville embraced us with open arms. Everyone goes above and beyond to welcome you because we all know what it feels like to be the “new kid.”

Like me, my friend had only visited Nashville once before moving here. Like me, she didn't know exactly what it was that attracted her here, but felt that undeniable pull.  Like me, she took that leap of faith with the hope for something better. Perhaps it was an escape from the past, from drama, from overpopulated and overworked environments, or maybe it was a change of scenery, a slower life, more balance, a better job, better music, more opportunities. I can never quite put it into words whenever I'm asked that question:"So what brought y'all to Nashville?" My answer is usually "Everything."

The city of Nashville is a sanctuary for all who enter. It's kind of like we're a tribe of misfits that all somehow fit together. I'm so lucky to call it home.

A shot from our hike last weekend. Nashville in the Fall is the most beautiful place on earth.

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  1. As one of those “unicorns,” I feel protective of my hometown. Just as I’ve been happy and proud to hear stories like yours—of visitors who fall in love and never want to leave—I’ve also worried that the growth could cause Nashville’s identity, its pace, its congeniality to slip away. But reading this post has helped bolster my faith in the city I love. If you’re the kind of person Nashville attracts—someone who sees this place for the gem that it is, who embodies its values, who just *fits*—then we’ll be just fine. Glad you’re here, and immeasurably proud to call Nashville home.