Thursday, April 30, 2015


The day after we found out we lost our baby, James came home with a tiny tree in his truck. It actually looked more like a few bare sticks since there weren't any buds yet, but it was a redbud tree. That entire week, redbud trees were in full bloom everywhere in Nashville. They line the streets and bloom into bright pink flowers every spring. I've always said how much I love them so it was very special that this was the species he chose to remember our little sprout. And of course, it's the perfect color.

We hadn't done any landscaping in our backyard yet, so it was a pretty blank canvas. We chose to plant our tree in the back corner that can be seen from the street. James got to work that Saturday digging up the corner of grass. It was a lot of work but I think it was a good way for him to deal with everything that was going on. By that Sunday, I was strong enough to sit outside on a blanket to keep him company as he planted our tree into the ground. It was an emotional moment, but somewhat cathartic at the same time. Like we could finally begin to regain control again.

This week, our little "sticks" started to grow leaves. A reminder that life does indeed go on.


Every spring when our redbud blooms, I will think of her and celebrate her life.